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20 things you can wash in your washing machine

A washing machine is used to clean the laundry in households. You don’t have to rub the garments in the machine physically. Instead, your task is done automatically by the machine.

It eliminates the physically demanding task and helps you to preserve the necessary time. You can use a washing machine to clean laundry and various household objects.

So, pack the cleaning supplies and welcome your new domestic best friend since you won’t ever have to wash things like belts, backpacks, gym bags, curtains, yoga mats, chair cushions, mop heads, and other items by hand again. Your washing machine can provide you with low-effort washing options.

Do you believe washing machines are only used for laundry?

No, washing machines can do much more than laundry.


Every home needs a washing machine, but this time-saving device can wash more than just shirts and pants. Many household items can be washed in the machine rather than by hand.

Helpful advice for cleaning unusual items:

Before using the washing machine for unusual items, you must clean it using a washing machine cleaner. True Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets are the best washer cleaner tablets. It helps to safeguard your machine and extend its life.

  • Many things will be cleaned better if they are first zipped inside a mesh bag. A set of mesh laundry bags costs only a few dollars to purchase online. In a pinch, you could even use an old pillowcase.
  • Add a few towels to the laundry load while washing smaller, heavier items. The towels will act as a cushion, preventing things from being knocked around too much.
  • Spray the item as thoroughly as possible if it is filthy before washing it. Then, take it outdoors, and use your garden hose to spray it down.
  • Use the coldest water setting and the gentlest cycle on your washer. For most products, this is the most secure option. If something doesn’t get clean the first time, you can always rewash it on a higher setting.
  • While cleaning unusual goods, use the least amount of mild detergent. For delicate textiles and pet-related things, castile soap is an excellent option.
  • Try adding vinegar to the wash if the odor is a problem. Then, during the rinse cycle, add about 1/2 cup of white vinegar.
  • Air dry only! If stretching can be a problem, put the items flat on a towel or hang them out to dry. Even though it takes longer, it is the safest way to dry most things.
  • Check the tags, owner’s manual, or any other instructions for washing at all times! Some materials and objects shouldn’t be washed.

As we have covered the basics, let’s check unanticipated items that you can wash in your washing machine. It will save you numerous hours of fretting over their uncleanliness and excessive money to get them washed from laundry shops.

20 things that you can wash in a washing machine:

things that you can wash in a washing machine

In this section, we will learn 20 things you can wash in your washing machine. The list is by no means complete or exhaustive, but it would give you some ideas and help you to get started.

1. Small rugs and mats:

You can wash tiny bathroom rugs in the machine, but you must be careful with your settings. Always run a moderate cycle with warm water. Bath mats’ rubber liners may shrink or split when exposed to cold or hot water.

One more piece of advice:

Velcro your rug to the floor before re-laying it to reduce the risk of slipping.

2. Car floor mats:

Car floor mats may be cleaned in the washer, just like interior rugs. However, before washing them in warm water on the gentle cycle, ensure to pre-treat any stains and give them the greatest exterior dusting you can manage.

3. Oven mitts and silicone trivets:

As long as they aren’t too dirty, silicone trivets and oven mitts can be tossed in with your usual loads of laundry. They only require a warm wash cycle.


Put them in with a load of towels if you are concerned about putting them in with clothing.

4. Kitchen sponges:

You may also wash kitchen sponges in the washer. Run a quick wash while the machine is set to sanitize (or use the hot water setting).

5. Mop heads:

After each usage, mop heads should be cleaned, but if you’re like me, getting your hands dirty feels awful. So, like me, you should also wash and sterilize the mop heads in the washer.

The washer should be set to a small load and hot water setting. The mop head should then be placed in a mesh laundry bag and washed with regular laundry detergent. It will emerge looking brand-new.

6. Curtains:

Curtains may get dirty rather quickly, and it’s not always obvious. However, working hard to clean your curtains is unnecessary just because they work hard to block light. They can be washed in your washing machine unless they are made of delicate material.

For example, you can wash curtains made of rayon, cotton, and polyester in warm water with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Then your curtains can proudly hang again.

curtains on a window

7. Reusable shopping bags:

The same applies to cloth shopping bags. First, throw them in a warm water load when they look a little grubby. Then, put them in the dryer if they are made entirely of cotton. If not, let them air dry.

8. Stuffed animals:

This advice is crucial if you have children. To get rid of germs, bacteria, and other nasties, place dirty stuffed animals in mesh bags and wash them gently. Look at the label of the plush toy to determine whether it can be machine-washed.

Don’t wash it if it is ancient, has glued-on features, or contains foam beads. Use a cup of baking soda instead of laundry detergent if your child is sensitive to cleaning agents.

9. Bed pillows:

Dust, skin cells, and dust mites are all collected in bed pillows. Put one pillow in the washer along with your regular detergent and fabric softener to sterilize them.

Use the sanitized or hot water setting with the small load setting. For both down and synthetic pillows, this technique is effective. In the dryer, fluff your pillow after that.

10. Chair cushions:

Like cleaning your bed pillows, you can also clean small chair pillows and couch pillows in the washer.

11. Yoga mats:

Give your yoga mat a quick wash on the easy cycle with warm water and regular detergent if it’s starting to appear worn out.

Just let the mat air dry and avoid using the spin cycle.

woman rolling yoga mat grass

12. Shower curtains and liners:

You don’t need to throw away a stained shower curtain or liner. Instead, use warm water because cold can cause plastic curtains and liners to crack and shred. Also, select a small load setting to save water. Here are five suggestions to help you make your curtain exceptionally clean.

  • Never wash a plastic shower curtain in cold water. In cold water, many plastic shower curtains become brittle and more likely to tear.
  • Use your regular detergent. Use enough to handle a moderate-sized load.
  • Avoid using fabric softener. Your shower curtain could get a layer of film from fabric softener that will collect dirt.
  • Set the Normal cycle on your washer. There is no need for longer cycles; removing the filth from your shower curtain won’t take much.
  • Don’t dry it using a dryer. When your shower curtain is clean, hang it back up on the pole to dry naturally. Some materials may melt or become distorted in your dryer.

Ensure to follow the tips mentioned above to prevent your shower curtain from coming out of the machine in shreds.

13. Mouse Pad:

Imagine how dirty your mousepad becomes when your computer keyboard is the dirtiest item in your house. On a gentle cycle, you can wash your foam mousepads into a warm water load. Then let it air dry.

14. Dog beds:

Like pillows, almost all dog beds are machine washable. But don’t wash it if it feels like it has cardboard to stiffen the bottom. Instead, scrub it with an antiseptic wipe.

15. Belts:

It’s acceptable to add woven belts (not leather) to a typical load of washing. However, to prevent your machine from being harmed by the metal hardware, place it in a mesh wash bag.

Always let them air dry.

16. Baseball caps:

You can also wash your baseball caps in the washer. Again, make sure to use cold water and a gentle cycle. Never use hot water because it can damage the material. Always air dry them. Never put them in a dryer.

17. Shower sponges:

Similar to how you clean mop heads, you can clean your bath sponges like loofahs. Cleaning them will eliminate soap scum and accumulated skin flakes.

18. Couch cushion covers:

If the cushions on your couch have zippers, you can toss the coverings into the washing machine.

19. Running shoes:

Your shoes can be washed in the washing machine. Put your shoes in the washer along with the towels to get them clean.

Shoes can create a lot of noise in the washer, but the towels absorb it, and the warm water setting makes the shoes appear brand new.

20. Gym bags and backpacks:

Before washing, put strapped bags inside a mesh bag. If you don’t have a large enough mesh bag, you can turn the bag inside out to keep the straps in place. Before washing, open and unzip the pockets, then hang to completely dry.


Washing machines have many uses; we can’t imagine life without them. You can use washing machines for everything from cleaning clothes to removing stains and gently creasing. You can wash anything in your washing machine, but please exercise caution.

The washing machine is here to stay. Though originally invented for clothes, you can also use washing machines for other household items. Therefore, we may conclude that you can wash various household goods in a washing machine. But adhere to the above guidelines and the products’ tags.