Portable Dishwashers

6 Best Portable Dishwashers of 2023-A Quick Review

Dirty dishes are irritating and clumsy, and no one enjoys doing dishes until there is no other choice. Thanks a lot to modern kitchen technology, which eases our difficulty by introducing dishwashers in the kitchen. Dishwashers are a blessing; they save you from putting your hands into awkward dishes and wasting time and energy.

portable dishwashers

Most of the time, a built-in dishwasher must be installed in your kitchen or elsewhere. But what should someone do if he does not have enough space or lives in a van? Or what should someone do if his restaurant doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a Humpty dumpty dishwasher? Should he have to do the dishes by hand, or is there any alternative? The answer is that an alternative to a fixed dishwasher does exist. The alternatives are the following.


1.      Portable Dishwashers

2.     Countertop Dishwashers


In this article, we will be exploring what portable or countertop dishwashers are. What are their distinctive features? And the review of the 6 best portable dishwashers of 2023.

What is a portable dishwasher?

A portable dishwasher is just an ordinary dishwasher having the ease of moving around, or simply, we can say it is a portable dishwasher. If you are confused about whether a portable dishwasher works, then be calm. It washes dishes in the same manner a built-in dishwasher does. A portable dishwasher or a freestanding dishwasher has the same wash cycles and washing programs. It comes in different sizes—for instance, an 18-inch portable dishwasher or a 12-inch portable dishwasher. There are many affordable portable dishwashers available on the market.

portable dishwasher

What is a countertop dishwasher?

A countertop dishwasher is a mini dishwasher. It is similar to a portable dishwasher but can wash fewer dishes. A countertop dishwasher can sit on your kitchen counter, rolling cart, or wherever else it can get easy access to the sink. A countertop dishwasher also uses less amount of water. A full-size model of the fixed dishwasher uses 4-6 gallons of water per cycle. Whereas a countertop dishwasher only uses 2 to 3 gallons per cycle.

countertop dishwasher

Perks of a portable or countertop dishwasher

All those features which are present in a fixed dishwasher are also present in a freestanding dishwasher. Following are the admiring features of a portable dishwasher.

Stainless steel

Most of the time, people prefer to buy a dishwasher with a stainless steel interior and stainless steel front. Countertops or portable dishwashers also have stainless steel tubs. This built-in water tank or stainless steel tub feature makes them stand parallel to fixed dishwashers. Portable dishwashers come in a wide range of varieties. They come with both a durable stainless steel interior and a plastic interior.

stainless steel

Make less noise

Unlike fixed dishwashers, which make a lot of swishing and whining noise, freestanding dishwashers have fewer noise levels. Their noise level is almost 52 decibels. So, portable dishwashers are more environmentally friendly than built-in dishwashers.

make less noise

Energy efficient

Unlike fixed dishwashers, portable dishwashing machines are highly economical and efficient. They need less energy than fixed dishwashers. Being energy efficient, they are trendy among people. 1200 Watt models of built-in dishwashers with one hour load time consume 1.2 kWh of energy. And a countertop model dishwasher uses half of its energy.

energy efficient

High-temperature wash option

Usually, a fixed dishwashing machine has a heating system for efficient cleaning. However, portable dishwashing machines also have high-temperature wash options. For example, the high-temperature rinse option can eliminate greasy or tough baked-on food residue from your dishes. The control panel can activate high-temperature rinse, and water temperature may exceed 130°F. This can help you deep clean your dishes.

high temperature wash

No need for Plumber

Installed full-size dishwashers have plumbing requirements; you must also call a plumber and pay his expenses. Unlike built-in models, these dishwashers require an excellent faucet adapter. They are easy to adjust in your kitchen faucet. Anyone without professional expertise can install them by using a faucet adapter.

no need for plumber

Compact design

These dishwashers have attractive and compact designs. A compact countertop dishwasher can be placed near your kitchen faucet to clean dishes. Whereas a full-size dishwasher needs space. Moreover, a compact countertop dishwasher looks more classy than a full-sized fixed dishwasher.

compact countertop dishwasher

Adjustable upper rack

While washing dishes, you may have larger dishes that can not be placed on the upper rack. Therefore, a portable or countertop dishwasher upper dish rack should be adjusted according to need. You can adjust the height of the upper rack in your dishwasher for larger dishes in the lower dish rack. It also provides extra counter space.

adjustable upper rack

Hard food disposer

While washing dishes, it is essential to ensure that there are no food particles in the dishes. For this purpose, all dishwashers, including portable dishwashers or countertop dishwashers, have hard food disposers. A hard food disposer in a dishwasher uses a chopper to break down the food particles so that they may not get stuck in the dishwasher. Moreover, it also keeps the dishwasher’s drain and inlet hose clean.

hard food disposer

Automatic detergent dispenser

An automatic detergent dispenser is also a remarkable feature of a portable or countertop dishwasher. Its work is to automatically sprinkle the detergent on the dishes during the wash cycle. After you start the dishwasher through the control panel, this dispenser works automatically.

automatic detergent dispenser

Place settings and Wash cycles

Portable and countertop models of dishwashers also have the same place settings and wash cycles as the installed ones have. They may have five or more place settings and four to seven wash cycles. You can also alter their wash programs according to your need. There is also a child lock in these dishwashers. The child lock feature prevents children from getting hurt accidentally when a dishwasher operates. This attractive feature also lets these dishwashers compete with installed dishwashers.

place settings and wash cycles

Baby care cycle

If you want to wash baby bottles in your portable dishwashers, they have a unique setting for you. The baby care cycle in these dishwashers kills 99.99 % of bacteria from your baby bottles or other dishes during the wash cycle. The baby care cycle is also available in portable dishwashers.

baby care cycle

Rinse aid dispenser

This feature is crucial for efficient cleaning if your home water is hard. A rinse aid dispenser automatically adds rinse agents(rinse aid) to the water, reducing the surface tension and improving the water’s flow over dishes. In addition, this rinse agent dispenser prevents dishes and dish racks from spotting and streaking. This feature is also present in both built-in and countertop models.

rinse aid dispenser

Heated dry cycle

This cycle makes your dishes dry faster. The heated dry cycle uses a heater to dry dishes, and this cycle may extend your wash cycle time by approximately 30 minutes. You can also use the natural dry or energy saver dry method. Portable dishwashers also have this feature.

heated dry cycle

How to pick the best portable dishwasher?

Many portable dishwashers are available on Amazon or other online stores and physical marketplace. But you may get confused about which is best for you and which one you must leave. True Fresh (true-fresh.com) has resolved your issue. Our team has done a thorough research about countertops and portable dishwashing machines. And we have reviewed the six most efficient and cost-effective portable dishwashers.

Why can you trust our research?

Our team spent more than 50 hours doing research. First, we looked at the National Appliance Repair Report 2019, published by Puls ( Puls is a repairing company based in San Francisco, with 5000+ technicians serving the whole USA). We also studied data of the most reliable appliance brands of 2023 on Yale Appliance. In addition to it, we also studied the 2023 U.S.Appliance Satisfaction Study by J.D.Power. Finally, our team looked at Household Appliance and Electronics Study 2021-2023 by ACSI. So, the portable dishwashers we have chosen for you are the most affordable and efficient dishwashers available on the market.

Best Portable Dishwashers of 2023

1- GE-24 Inch portable dishwasher

Distinctive Features

  • Its dimensions are 36 H x 23 5/8 W x 25 3/8 D inches.
  • It has a Piranha Hard Food Disposer.
  • It is equipped with an NSF-certified sanitizer.
  • This appliance comes with an auto-sense cycle.
GE 24 Inch portable dishwasher

Among the large-scale portable dishwashers on the market, GE or General Electric 24-inch portable dishwasher is the best. It’s smaller than a regular dishwasher but has everything you need and anticipate. It has stainless steel interior and stainless steel front. GE portable dishwasher has two racks with 12 washing place settings, a child lock, a delayed start, adjustable tines, a silverware basket, and a divider for kitchen utensils. It also has a filtration system. Its filtration system removes food particles from the water before it is recirculated. Being equipped with Piranha Hard Food Disposer, it breaks food particles more efficiently. The stainless steel blades of its food disposer rotate at 3600 RPM, destroying food particles thoroughly. It is also one of the most affordable portable dishwashers. GE- 24 Inch Portable dishwasher has 54 decibels noise level only. It has three washing cycles. This modern appliance is AI-equipped and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also has auto-sensing cycles, which can measure contamination levels of the dishes and adjust cleaning power if necessary. Germs can not survive in this GE portable dishwasher. Sterilization options are also available in it, especially for dirty loads. This GE portable dishwasher has a one-year part and labor warranty.


Cons: Overall, it is a worthy appliance, but if you are looking for compact models, this dishwasher is not for you.

ge appliance

How to buy it?: You can buy it online easily from GE APPLIANCES. Its price is just 699$ there. This appliance can also be bought online from HOME DEPOT, whose price is just 648$.

HOmeLabs countertop dishwasher

Distinctive Features

  • Its dimensions are 21.6 x 19.6 x 17.2 inches.
  • It has a rinse aid dispenser.
  • It has a delayed start.
  • It can be easily connected to a faucet adapter.
homelabs countertop dishwasher

If you are looking for a compact countertop dishwasher, the hOmelabs countertop dishwasher should be your priority. In the market, it can be found in both stainless steel and white finishes. It can withstand up to six place settings at once. Its weight is just 44 pounds. It is also an Energy Star-Certified dishwasher. Therefore, it consumes 12% less energy and 30% less water than a full-sized dishwasher. This dishwasher uses only 3 gallons of water per cycle, and its rinse aid dispenser helps your dishes dry without any streaking. This appliance comes with quick-connect feature. It can be quickly connected to your kitchen faucet. Its wash cycle options are heavy, normal, eco, and glass. This dishwasher must be on the top of the list for a small family or a couple. With its unique looks, it will also make your kitchen more classy.

HomeLabs dishwasher

Cons: Large plates may not completely fit in this washer. Moreover, this dishwasher is not for a big family.


How to buy it? : You can purchase this appliance from Amazon for just 300$. It can also be bought from Homelabs for 399$ with free shipping.

Whirlpool 24.125-Inch Portable Dishwasher

Distinctive Features

  • Its dimensions are 24.1×26.5×37 inches.
  • It is freestanding and has caster wheels
  • This appliance has a heated dry cycle.
  • It has a large capacity.
Whirlpool 24.125 Inch portable dishwasher

Suppose you are someone from a big family or who owns a restaurant and is looking for a large-capacity portable dishwasher. Then no need to worry; this whirlpool 24.125 Inch dishwasher is for you. This dishwasher can hold up to 12 place settings in its dual-level racks. The appliance comes with three washing cycles, which are heavy, regular, and one hour. This dishwasher weighs 145 pounds. Despite being a giant beast, this dishwasher is an efficient machine. It has a high-temperature wash option, which ensures efficient cleaning of dishes. It also has a heated dry system with rinse aid. Its noise level is 64 dB. which is far louder than other dishwashers.


Cons: This dishwasher lacks energy star verification and consumes much energy. Moreover, it has a higher noise level which can be irritating.

Whirlpool Portable Dishwasher

How to buy it?: You can buy this dishwasher from BestBuy for 748$. You may also get this device from HOME DEPOT for 748$.

Danby 22-Inch Countertop Dishwasher

Distinctive Features

  • Its dimensions are 17.24×21.65×19.69 inches.
  • It is Energy Star-certified
  • This appliance does not make so much noise and is quiet.
  • It has a delayed start and a heated dry system.
Danby 22 Inch countertop dishwasher

So, here is the 22-inch countertop digital control dishwasher of Danby. It weighs 50.75 pounds. This digital display dishwasher has six place settings. And it has six wash cycles that can be selected via its electronic controls. There is even an option of drying through a heating system in this valuable appliance. This machine has low sound levels, unlike other dishwashers, which cause noise pollution. And it is environment friendly. So, if you are afraid of huge electricity bills, this dishwasher is perfect. It is an Energy Star-certified dishwasher that can cut down your electricity bills. It also requires a meager amount of water for washing dishes. It requires 3.1 gallons of water per wash, less than the water you use for cleaning your hands in a week. So, it will be the best dishwasher for you.


Cons: Overall, this dishwasher is perfect but has only one drawback. Its silverware basket is not removable.

danby dishwasher

How to buy it?: You can purchase this dishwasher online on Danby for just 413$. You can also get this dishwasher from Walmart for just 329$.

Farberware countertop dishwasher

Distinctive Features

  • Its dimensions are 17.3×16.5×17.3 inches.
  • This appliance comes with a 5-liter built-in water tank.
  • It has five washing cycles.
  • This dishwasher is made of plastic.
farberware countertop dishwasher

This Farberware countertop dishwasher is a good option for those who don’t have a faucet connection in their kitchen. Thanks to this dishwasher’s integrated water tank, you can clean it on the go. The compact design allows dishes to fit up to 12 inches in diameter. It also has baby care cycles and glass and fruit wash options. By using this appliance, you can clean up to two place settings. This feature makes it ideal for small families or singles. Five washing options in this compact dishwasher offer the flexibility and thorough cleaning of a standard dishwasher. There is also a fruit basket in this dishwasher, so you can wash your fruits in the dishwasher if you wish. This appliance operates at 62 decibels, above the average sound level.


Cons: This dishwasher has more than the average noise level. So, it may cause discomfort. Moreover, it also lacks a dry heating system.

farberware dishwasher

How to buy it?: You can buy it online from Amazon for 341$. This appliance can also be purchased from Ubuy Uk for 379$.

Edgestar countertop dishwasher

Distinctive features

  • It is an energy star-certified dishwasher.
  • This appliance comes with one rack only.
  • It has seven wash cycles.
  • This appliance also comes with a quick-connect adapter.
edgestar countertop dishwasher

The Edgestar portable countertop dishwasher is another one of the best portable dishwashers on the market. This convenient unit has set up six place settings at once. This feature makes it perfect for small families and couples. This appliance also comes with a quick-connect adapter for easy connection to most standard faucets. It has seven wash cycles, and it lacks a sanitary rinse option. This appliance comes with stainless steel interior. Its noise level is 52 dB. The EdgeStar portable countertop dishwasher is an energy-efficient appliance. This appliance is also an energy start. It is small and lightweight. This feature makes it easy to store when it is not in use. The Energy Star-certified EdgeStar portable dishwasher would be perfect if you’re looking for a permanent solution to your dishwashing needs or want a convenient device for occasional use. It is one of the most affordable portable dishwashers.


Cons: It has only one rack and is suitable for small families.

edgestar dishwasher

How to buy it?: You can buy this appliance online from Amazon for just 399$. They are also providing you with free delivery. You can also buy it from eBay for just 386$.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would you need a portable dishwasher?

You will need a portable dishwasher, if you don’t have enough space to accommodate built-in dishwashers.

Q: Is it worth getting a countertop dishwasher?

Yes, it is. Because a countertop dishwasher is moveable and more classy.

Q: Are portable dishwashers economical?

Yes, portable dishwashers are economical. They come in a wide range of prices.

Q: How long can a countertop dishwasher last?

It depends upon you. If you use it reasonably and clean it using True Fresh Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets, then it can last a long.

Q: How often should a portable dishwasher be cleaned?

It should be cleaned at least once a week using True Fresh Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets.