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How to remove pet hair from laundry – An ultimate guide to get rid of furry clothes

Every pet lover wants to spend time cuddling their pets. In return, our beloved pets bless us with a lot of hair. So, if you are also browsing how to remove pet hair from laundry, take a breath! In this article, we will discuss all the ways to remove pet hair from your clothes.


Ways To Remove Pet Hair From Laundry

In this section, we will talk about the proven ways to remove pet hair from your clothes.

Use dryer sheets

Pet hair remover dryer sheets are available in the market. These sheets are effective in removing pet hair from your clothes. Dryer sheets have static properties, which help to remove excess hair from your laundry. Pet hair has a typical scent that sometimes cannot be tolerated. Dryer sheets can help you in this regard also. They have a pleasant smell, and if you use them to remove pet hair, they also remove the scent of pet hair.

Dryer sheets can be used in the below-mentioned ways to remove pet hair from your laundry:

  • Wipe your laundry before washing it in the washer.
  • Wash your clothes with dryer sheets in the washer to remove cat or dog hair.
  • Before washing it, you can even dry your laundry with drying sheets to remove pet hair.

Use fur Zappers

Fur zappers can also be used to remove pet hair from your clothes. These are doodas made of silicone designed to remove pet hair while washing or drying the laundry. These are reusable and are more effective for removing dog hair from your clothes. A fur zapper can last for two years and collects and holds dog and cat fur better than any other gadget.

Fur zappers are durable and can be used to remove pet hair in the following steps.

  • Add fur zappers with your laundry while washing it in the washer.
  • Take your fur zapper out of the machine after every two loads and wash it thoroughly.
  • Don’t add fabric softeners or dryer sheets with fur zappers, as they can stick to it.
  • Fur zappers can be used with wool dryer balls.
fur Zappers

Use wool dryer balls

If you are looking for an easy way to remove pet hair from laundry and prevent it from wrinkling, wool dryer balls should be your choice. Wool dryer balls work by softening your clothes, which loose pet hair on your clothes. Moreover, they also promote your dryer’s airflow and help you finish the laundry in less time. Wool dryer balls or pet hair-removing balls are a fantastic alternative to drying sheets if anyone at your home doesn’t like strong smells.

Wool dryer balls can remove pet hair from your nice shirt or any other clothing in the following steps:

  • Put the wool dryer balls along with your clothes in a dryer.
  • It’s better to make layers of wool dryer balls inside your laundry to prevent noise and remove hair thoroughly.
wool dryer balls

Use lint rollers

Lint rollers can also be used to remove pet hair from your clothes. You can use them before putting your clothes inside the washer. You can use a lint roller in these easy steps:

  • Roll a lint roller on your clothes.
  • Now remove hair from the lint roller.
  • Again roll the lint roller on your clothes.
  • Repeat the process until all the hairs are removed.
close up hand holding lint roller

Use fabric brushes

Fabric brushes can also be used to remove pet hair from your clothes. But fabric brushes work on some types of clothing. In these steps, you can use a fabric brush to remove cat hair from your laundry:

  • Brush your whole fabric with a fabric brush.
  • Remove hair from the brush.
  • Repeat the process until your clothing is hair-free.
happy woman holds red electrostatic clothing brush shows thumbs up

Use latex gloves

Latex gloves, preferably those used in the surgery, are effective in removing hair or debris from your clothes. You can use them in the following steps:

  • Wear gloves.
  • Collect hair from your clothing using latex gloves and remove them.
  • Change the gloves and repeat the process until your laundry is hair-free.
asian girl thumb-up from chores wearing yellow gloves

Use kitchen sponge

I’m sure it will seem bizarre to you to use a kitchen sponge to remove hair from clothes. But if you ask me if it works or not, I will say it works. A kitchen sponge can be used to remove the short hair of your pets in the following steps:

  • Wipe your clothes with a kitchen sponge.
  • Don’t scrub your clothes or wipe them hard with a kitchen sponge.
  • Remove hair from a kitchen sponge.
  • Again wipe your clothes with a kitchen sponge and repeat the process until they are hair-free.
young beautiful showing sponges camera smiling

Use tape

If you have nothing, you can use tape to remove pet hair from your clothes. Avoid using heavy-duty tape such as duct tape. Scotch tape is effective in collecting pet hair from clothes. Follow these steps to get your clothes hair free:

  • Take a piece of scotch tape.
  • Paste it on the hairy area of your laundry.
  • Remove the tape gently.
  • Don’t remove it by force, as it may damage the cloth.
  • Dispose of the piece of tape and repeat the process.
hand holding tape roll

Rinse clothes with vinegar

Rinsing your clothes with vinegar can also remove the hair from them. Vinegar softens your clothes and lets the threads of your clothes free pet hair from them. Follow the following steps to remove your dog’s hair from your laundry:

  • Add ½ cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle of a washer.
  • If you dislike the smell of vinegar, you can add less amount. But you don’t need to worry as the smell of vinegar will evaporate while drying the clothes.
  • Before rinsing clothes with vinegar, make sure your washer is clean. If it’s not clean, clean it using True Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets.
eco friendly cleaning brushes with vinegar

Use a steamer

A hand-held steamer can also help remove pet hair from your clothes. It will make your clothes damp and make it easier for you to remove the hair. These easy-peasy steps can make your clothes hair free:

  • Steam the clothes.
  • Use latex gloves or lint rollers to remove the hair.
  • Repeat the process until your clothes are free of pet hair.
young woman steaming clothes using electric-steamer

Once your clothes are hair-free, it’s better to disinfect them. You can disinfect them while washing or without washing. If you are keen to learn how to disinfect your clothes without washing them, check out our other blog.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: Are fur zappers effective in removing hair from clothes?

Yes, fur zappers can be used to remove hair from clothes.

Q: Can a cloth steamer be used to remove hair from clothes?

Yes, a cloth steamer can help you remove hair from the clothes.

Q: How to remove hair from clothes using vinegar?

 Rinse your clothes with vinegar and then wash them in the washer. Your clothes will be hair-free.