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How to Wash Jeans – Elevate your Jeans Washing Game

Have you put sauce on your jeans? Or you have purchased denim for the first time and don’t know how to wash jeans. Stay calm and read our article. This article is a thorough guide on how to wash jeans and increase the life of your most comfortable clothes. So let’s elevate your jeans-washing game.

how to wash jeans
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Things you need to do before washing your jeans

how to wash jeans
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Check care label

First, check the care label to see if your jeans are machine washable or hand washable. It’s the most crucial step of washing your jeans because some jeans don’t go well with the washer.

Clean your washer

If you are cleaning your jeans in a washer, you first need to check if it’s clean or not. If your washer is not cleaned, use washing machine cleaning tablets. It’s better to use True Fresh Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets because they are powerful cleaners and easy to use.

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If you don’t know how to use True Fresh Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets, this video might be helpful for you.

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Empty your jeans

You also need to empty your jeans pockets before washing them. If they are not emptied, they may damage your jeans and washer also. 

Pre-treat the stains

You should carefully observe your jeans, and if there are any stains, you should pre-treat them. You can use commercial stain removers or a homemade cleaning solution to treat the stains.

Turn your jeans inside out

Turning your jeans inside out is also another thing you need to do before washing your jeans.

Close the zippers

Closing the zippers before washing your jeans is also an important measure to prevent your denim from any wear and tear. 

Ways to wash jeans

Jeans need extra care and attention. They must be washed and dried delicately. Generally, there are two ways to wash jeans. 

  • Machine Wash Method
  • Hand Wash Method

How to wash jeans in washer

You don’t need to ponder how to wash jeans in washer because it’s easy peasy. 

how to wash jeans in washing machine
A woman putting her jeans into a washer

Put jeans into the washer

The next step is to put your jeans into the washer. If you are washing multiple jeans at the same time, don’t put on more than two pairs of jeans in one cycle.

Set your washer

Now you have to set your washer to a delicate setting and put a mild laundry detergent in the washer. Turn on the washer and let the machine do its magic.

Dry your jeans

Once the wash cycle has been completed, air-dry your jeans by hanging them.

How to wash jeans by hand

As discussed earlier, some types of jeans don’t go well with washers. They must be washed by hand. Washing your jeans by hand is the most recommended method as it can increase their life. And you don’t have to worry about how to wash jeans by hand because we will guide you thoroughly.

how to hand wash jeans
Soaked blue jeans

Fill a tub with cold water

You may get confused about whether you have to wash jeans in hot or cold water. It’s better to wash your jeans in cold water. So fill your tub with cold water.

Add detergent

Now add mild laundry detergent to the water and mix it well.

Soak your jeans

Now soak your jeans for at least 45-60 minutes. After 45-60 minutes, gently rub the stained areas of your jeans.

Rinse your jeans

Now you have to rinse your jeans in running cold water.

Dry your jeans

Finally, you need to hang your jeans to air-dry them.How to wash jeans without fading and shrinking?

Sometimes while washing our jeans, we end up fading them. It doesn’t mean we should stop washing them. But we need to follow some tips. Here are some tips on how to wash jeans without fading and how to wash jeans without shrinking.

  • Always set your washer to a delicate or gentle setting if you wash your jeans with the washer.
  • Always use mild laundry detergent. You should prefer a detergent designed for dark clothes if your jeans are blue or black.
  • Always use cold water while washing your jeans.
  • Refrain from ironing your jeans.
  •  Don’t use a tumble dryer to dry your jeans, because research shows that it may shrink your jeans.

Good quality jeans are not less than an investment. You need to give them time and care. You must carefully check their care label before washing them. If you don’t understand laundry symbols, read our blog.


How often should jeans be washed?

It’s better to wash your jeans after every 5-7 wears.

Should jeans be washed with hot or cold water?

It’s advisable to wash your jeans with cold water to prevent them from fading and shrinking.

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