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How to wash linen shirt – Quick steps to wash your linen clothing

Are you a linen lover? You must be! As you are browsing for ways to wash your beloved linen shirt. Being a linen lover, you know linen clothes are superb and cozy. They make you feel easier and relaxed, giving you a more fantastic look. Moreover, they don’t need a particular season to wear them. You can wear them in hot summers as well as in chilly winters.

how to wash linen shirt

Your linen clothes may acquire sweat, oil, coffee, and chocolate stains, especially your linen shirts or tunics. They may need your attention to let you acquire people’s attention by giving you a pulchritudinous look. You must wash linen clothes, at least when they are dirty and acquire stains. Washing linen clothes is entirely safe and makes your durable fabric more delicate.

In this blog, we will discuss a brief intro to linen so that you may understand the chemistry of the fabric, which will help you wash your favorite shirt. Then we will discuss all the best ways to wash linen clothes, and at the end, we will discuss some quick steps to wash your linen garments.

linen garments

What is linen?

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax plant fibers, unlike cotton fibers, which come from cotton plants. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Flax fibers were used in ancient civilizations, including Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. It has also been mentioned in the Bible.

what is linen

Characteristics of linen garments

Linen is a breathable fabric. Linen clothes are more robust and more gleaming than cotton. Linen garments also feel more relaxed than cotton and other fabrics. They get softer after they are washed more. Linen fabrics have one more advantage over other fabrics in that they are resistant to dirt and clothes moths.

Washing linen clothes

People love linen clothes. They are not similar to cotton clothes; they are more elegant and gauzy. Delicate fabrics like linen clothes, linen garments, linen pants, linen shirts, and linen jackets must be washed exquisitely. You must be careful while washing linen clothes.

Don’t put your linen clothes with the rest of your clothes in the laundry. Just separate them from other fabrics and wash them separately. Washing linen clothes with care can increase their lifetime and make them softer. Your comfy linen tunic or shirt will remain to provide you comfort if you care about its comfort. Don’t try to wash it with hard water and other methods that make your linen fabric coarse.

If you are not an expert and are just a newbie who has just purchased a linen tunic shirt and looking for ways to clean your dearest linen tunic or shirt. Read this blog carefully and apply these methods to wash them. We have complied best way to clean your linen garments after wholesome research.

use mild detergent

What to consider before you wash linen shirts

Before washing your beloved linen shirts, you must be careful and consider the following things.

Read care instructions

Before you even want to wash your adorable linen dress, please read the care instructions carefully because the linen tunics, linen pants you bought, or the linen jackets you purchased have distinctive properties. So, every linen clothing must be washed accordingly.

read care instructions

Strictly follow washing instructions

Always strictly follow the read-care instructions. Not following the linen items’ washing instructions can cause your linen to shrink or damage. You must check the label before washing or even ironing the linen.

Check the mode of wash

Linen is not like other fibers. Unlike other fibers, it must be washed according to its type. Some linen garments can tolerate machine washing, while others may only condone hand washing. So, you must look after it if you want your linen clothes to shine and last long.

Usually, you can wash linen clothes in a cloth washer, but a hand wash is recommended for clothes that are not heavily soiled or have a loose weave. This type of fabric may get damaged in machine wash.

check the mode of wash

Best linen setting

If you are planning to wash linen clothing, then a gentle cycle is the best linen setting in a washing machine. Always wash your linen dress in a gentle cycle of your washing appliance.

wash linen clothing

Separate white and dark linen

While washing dark linen, don’t wash white linen tunic or shirt. Try to wash the white and the dark linen separately because it may damage the color of your white linen garments. Try to wash the same color linen clothing at a time in a cloth washer.

black and white linen

Don't crowd the washing machine

Don’t crowd your washing appliance with too many clothes while washing your linen garments. Because it may twist or pull the linen fabric and damage your linen clothes. So, it is better to wash your beloved linen tunic or shirt, linen jacket, and linen pant separately in a washing machine in a gentle cycle.

on't crowd the washing machine

Gentle swishing motion

If you want to wash linen clothes by hand, you must be super careful. Don’t stab the linen clothes traditionally. Wash them gently in a gentle swishing motion. Never wring linen clothes, scrub or twist the linen fabric.

The temperature of the water

Never wash linen clothes in cold water or hot water. Wash linen in lukewarm water. Now you must be pondering,” what is lukewarm water?”. Lukewarm water is generally water having a temperature between 98°F to 105°F. Too much hot water or cold water can damage linen garments.

Moreover, your linen garment may shrink if the temperature exceeds 105° F. If you bought linen pants just, and if it does not have a pre-washed fabric or if it is vintage. Then it will shrink, and the temperature of the water will not matter so much. So, linen shrink is regular if it does not has pre-washed fabric.

temperature of the water

Use Mild Detergent

Always add a mild detergent before washing your linen fabric in a gentle machine cycle. The detergent will remove the stains and also deep clean your linen fabric. Avoid adding too much detergent because it can cause your clothes to wear down the machine, and it can also cause them to carry an odor.

mild detergent

Check residues before drying linen

You must make sure that there is not any residue on your linen fabric before your dry your linen. You must love linen if you want people to love your linen clothing. You have to follow all the guidelines before air-drying linen.

residues before drying linen

Drying linen

It is better to wash your linen garment in a tumble dryer. Set the drying machine to a low temperature and remove your linen clothing when it is slightly damp. When you air dry linen clothes, the dryer removes excess water from them, making your linen clothes wizened.

Air dry your linen clothes flat and without the padded hanger or any type of hanger. Because padded hangers can create marks on your linen garment. And they can also cause wear and tear in your washing machine.

drying linen

Ironing linen clothes

Linen is a natural fabric; most people like natural wrinkles in their linen clothes. But if you want to iron linen clothes, ensure they are slightly damp. Moreover, while ironing linen clothes, you must be careful of the iron’s temperature. Because if it is too hot, it may damage the linen’s natural fiber.

Your linen tunic has a very delicate fabric, and you must be delicate with it. After ironing linen clothes, hang them using padded hangers. It will prevent wrinkles on your linen clothes. Prefer a padded hanger over an ordinary hanger because a padded hanger prevents slipping off your linen clothes.

Moreover, there is another method to get rid of wrinkled linen. This method is the use of spray starch while ironing linen clothes. Spray starch before ironing linen clothes or bamboo and rayon clothes. It will help your iron glide smoothly over your clothes made of natural fiber.

Ironing linen clothes

Dry cleaning linen clothes

Dry cleaning is almost similar to regular home laundering, but a liquid solvent is used to clean your clothes instead of water and detergent in dry cleaning. This solvent has little or no water. That’s why the process is termed dry cleaning.

Hand-wash linen can last long, but only if the person washing the line is adept at it. Hand washing your linen clothes can also prevent loose weave fabrics from damage. But if you are not adept in hand washing then, don’t clean linen by hand—no need to worry because dry cleaners are available.

Dry cleaning is a better option for your lovely linen tunics, linen pants, linen dress, and other linen items. If you love linen clothing, then show your love by caring for them. Linen clothes are more prone to wrinkles. And dry cleaning them can resolve this problem. You can simply dry clean your linen clothes and not only get rid of wrinkles but also get quality cleaning. A dry-cleaned linen fabric is more elegant than a hand-washed linen fabric. After dry cleaning, hang them with padded hangers and overlap them with plastic bags.

dry cleaning linen clothes

Try to remove stains first

You should check your linen fabric thoroughly before washing it. Check it in detail, if it has a stain or any marks. If it has, then just try to remove the stains first. We will discuss all ways to remove the stains from your linen clothes in another section.

remove stains first

How to remove stains from linen shirts?

You have to remove the stains before washing your line garments. There are mainly two methods to remove stains from lovely linen clothes. One is a natural method to remove stains from your natural fabric, and another is using different chemicals. In this section, we will discuss both methods briefly. Using corn starch, baking soda and white vinegar  for removing stains is a natural method. Where as using bleach is an artificial method.

Corn starch

If you love linen clothes and wear them constantly then while eating a meal or cooking your favorite food, you may get an oil stain. But there is no need to worry. There is a solution. Just sprinkle cornstarch on the stain and wash linen clothing with mild detergent using cold water.

corn starch

Baking soda

You can also use baking soda to remove the clumsy food and oil stains from your beloved linen clothes. If you love linen clothing and want it stain-free, make a paste of six tablespoons of baking soda and 1/3 cup of warm water. Then apply it using a brush on the stain. Rub your linen clothing for a while. Afterward, wash linen clothing with a mild detergent in the washing machine. Machine-washed linen clothing will be stain free and also gleamy.

baking soda

Oxygen Bleach

Prewash or soak your linen clothing with oxygen bleach in cold water. It will break down the stains from your beloved fabric. For dark linen fabrics, check care instructions that if they can tolerate the oxygen bleach or if they cannot.

oxygen bleach

White vinegar

White vinegar can also remove stains from your beloved linen fabric. But you must read the instructions before washing linen fabric using white vinegar. You can also add vinegar while washing white linen fabric. Adding a small amount of vinegar while washing linen garments in the machine can also remove stains from your linen pants, shirts, or other linen items.

white vinegar

Best ways to wash linen shirts

We have briefly introduced linen, its characteristics, things you must consider before washing a linen tunic, and how to remove stains from your linen garments. Now we will be discussing how to wash a linen tunic or shirt. There are two best ways to clean your linen tunic or shirts, which are mentioned below.

1.  Hand wash

2. Machine wash

You can wash linen clothes either by hand, or you can wash them in the washing machine. Both methods are feasible and will easily clean your worthy linen garments. Now we will discuss both methods in detail and all of the quick steps for these methods.

Quick steps for hand washing linen shirt

You can easily wash your linen tunic or shirt by hand in these quick steps

hand washing linen shirt

1. Fill a clean tub or sink with water

The first step in washing your linen tunic or shirt is finding a clean tub. The size of the tub depends upon the number of shirts you are going to wash. But it is advised to wash one or a maximum of two shirts at once. So find a medium tub.

If you don’t have a clean tub, then your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room sink is perfect for this purpose as long as it is clean. And even if a sink is unavailable, you can use a clean plastic bin or a large bowl to wash linen tunics or shirts.

Then fill that tub with water. The water should not be too cold or too hot. It is advised to fill the tub with lukewarm water. Because too hot or too cold water may damage your natural fabric.

clean tub or sink with water

2. Add mild detergent

Add one teaspoon (approximately 4.9 mL) of mild detergent to the water tub, sink, plastic bin, or bowl you use. If you are washing only one shirt at once, then one teaspoon of mild detergent is enough, but if you wash more than one shirt, add the detergent accordingly.

If you don’t have detergent, baby shampoo is also a good option. Add one teaspoon ( 4.9 ml) of baby shampoo to the tub, sink, or anything you use to wash your linen tunics or shirts. Because baby shampoos are also mild and don’t have corrosion effects.

add mild detergent

3. Soak the shirt in the tub for 10-20 minutes

After filling the tub with water and adding mild detergent or baby shampoo, put your shirt in the tub when you see that the water is sufficiently soapy. Soak your linen tunic or shirt in that soapy water for 10 to 20 minutes.

If you notice any stain or spot on your linen tunic or shirt, then first try to remove that stain using the methods we have discussed earlier. Then soak that shirt for an additional 10-20 minutes. So that detergent can react with that stain or spot to remove it.

soak the shirt

4. Wash linen tunic or shirt by swishing

Wash your shirt by swishing it gently in the sudsy water. Gently move your shirt back and forth in the soapy water to wash it. Don’t stab it with something. And don’t yank it because it may damage the natural fiber of your favorite shirt. Use your fingers to rub the soiled areas, such as the collars and armpits of your linen tunic or shirt.

If you are uncomfortable putting your hands flat in the soapy water. Then you can wear rubber gloves or plastic bags to avoid any itching or uncomfortable feeling. Gloves and plastic bags can also prevent you from rashes or allergies if your skin is prone to detergent allergies.

5. Rinse the shirt with clean water

After you have washed your linen tunic or shirt in soapy water, rinse it with clean water until all of the soapy water is removed from it. Fill the tub or sink with water and again rinse the shirt. Rinse the shirt as often as possible until there is not even a spot of surd left on the shirt.

After draining the sink, you can run gentle cool water over the shirt. But this method may damage your shirt. So rinse it gently by refilling the water again and again. But if you have decided to rinse your linen tunic or shirt with a stream of cool water, do this carefully, avoiding twisting and wringing. Carefully roll your shirt in this method.

rinse the shirt with clean water

6. Hang your shirt and let it air-dry

Once you have ended your shirt or linen dress, gently squeeze it to remove as much excess water as possible. Then hang it using a padded hanger and let it air dry. Always air-dry your linen dress or shirt because it leads your linen tunic or shirt last more. Always dry your shirt in the shade. Drying your linen tunics or shirts in sunlight may damage their colors.

hang your shirt and let it air dry

7. Use a dryer for quick drying

If you don’t have time to dry your linen garment, dry it using the dryer. But dry it using the dryer for only 5 minutes at low heat. Because drying it more may damage its fiber. Drying your linen tunics or shirts and linen pants can also remove wrinkles. Don’t prefer drying hand-wash linen dresses and shirts in a dryer; prefer drying machine-washed dresses or shirts in a dryer.

use a dryer for quick drying

Quick steps for machine washing linen shirt

You can easily wash your linen tunic or shirt in the washing machine by following quick steps.

machine washing linen shirt

1. Read washing instructions

Before washing your linen dress, shirt, or pants in a washing machine, read the washing instructions if your linen dress is compatible with machine washing. If your linen tunic or shirt has lace, satin, or velvet lining, avoid washing it in the machine. Your linen tunic or shirt is machine-safe if it has a polyester lining.

read washing instructions

2. Treat stains

Your linen tunic or dress may acquire sweat stains and oil stains. You must remove them before washing a linen tunic or shirt in the machine. We have already discussed all the methods to remove stains. Machine washing can remove sweat stains, but you must treat oil, grease, and food stains before washing linen dresses. Avoid commercial stain removers, as they may damage your linen tunic or shirt. If you want to use commercial stain removers, read customer care instructions before.

treat stains

3. Separate linen tunics or shirts

Whilst a dark linen shirt is being washed, do not wash a white linen shirt. Always wash them separately. Because dark-colored linen dresses may lose color and white linen may gain color.

4. Fasten buttons and tie up drawstrings

Before you wash a linen tunic or shirt, fasten its buttons so that it maintains its shape during a wash. You should also tie the loose strings before washing a linen dress. Because it will prevent any wear and tear on your linen dress.

tie up drawstrings

5. Fill the machine with water

Fill the washing machine with water if it has to be filled manually. And if it is automatic, just turn it on and the water will fill automatically.

fill the machine with water

6 . Add mild detergent

Now add detergent to the detergent dispenser of your washing machine. Or you can also sprinkle the detergent on the clothes. You can also add fabric softener to the machine.

use mild detergent

7. Run a gentle machine cycle

Put your linen tunic or shirt in the machine and run a gentle machine cycle. Don’t put too much load on the machines. Wash only a few linen tunics or shirts in the machine at once. Let the machine wash and rinse your linen tunics or shirts.

run a gentle machine cycle

8. Dry your linen tunic or shirt in air

After the machine has washed your linen tunics or shirts, dry them in the air so that they may not acquire wrinkles. Try to reshape the shirt after the machine has washed it.

dry your linen tunic or shirt in air

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you put linen in the dryer?

A: Yes, you can. But please check washing instructions before placing them in the dryer.

Q: Should machine be cleaned before putting linen in it?

A: Yes, the machine should be cleaned. You can use True Fresh Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets for deep cleaning your washing machine.

Q: What should be the temperature of the water?

A: Water should be lukewarm.

Q: Do linen shrink after washing?

A: Yes, linen may shrink after washing in the machine.