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6 easy steps on how to wash volleyball knee pads in the washing machine

Volleyball knee pads are designed to provide the most excellent level of protection from your calf to your knee. They are made of bamboo, which is believed to breathe better than other types of fabric. Volleyball knee pads enhance performance and comfort by keeping your knees warm, dry, and compressed.

Girl with volleyball knee pads
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Volleyball knee pads are notorious, especially when left at the bottom of gym bags, trunks, or lockers. Of course, nobody is to blame if you sweat while working hard on the court, but failing to clean your knee pads can harm your teammates’ nostrils. It would help if you clean volleyball knee pads regularly to be secure and odor-free.


Thus, using the proper cleaning method and frequency is necessary to maintain the appearance of volleyball knee pads. There are many ways to clean knee pads, but the most effective method is to wash them in the washing machine.

Is it safe to wash volleyball knee pads in the washing machine?

Yes, it is entirely safe to wash volleyball knee pads in a washing machine. You can wash volleyball knee pads in the washing machine for the easiest cleaning. Knee pads are an essential part of sports equipment. They are beneficial for many activities and hobbies around the house. However, they get smelly and dirty quickly due to excessive use and especially from sweat. That’s why cleaning knee pads at least every 1-2 weeks is necessary. So the best way to clean your volleyball knee pads is to wash them in the washing machine.

Things to know before washing volleyball knee pads in the washing machine:

One of the most protective equipment to stop accidental injuries from hitting the ground or bumping into an object is volleyball knee pads. So wash volleyball knee pads in the washing machine by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Your washing machine needs to be clean to start. The washer shouldn’t contain any trash or smell. For this purpose, you should use True Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets. True Fresh washing machine cleaner is specifically designed to clean the inner and vital parts of your washing machine. True Fresh cleaner provides the best defense against dirt and odor.
  • After training, don’t put your volleyball knee pads in a bag.
  • Turn your knee pads inside out and let them air dry.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove any visible dirt or debris from your volleyball knee pads.

Steps to wash volleyball knee pads in the washing machine:

If you use knee pads regularly, they must have become dirty, and smelly. Then you know it’s time to wash your protective gear thoroughly. You can wash your volleyball knee pads in a washing machine.


You may add more hygiene to your volleyball knee pads if you follow the following step-by-step procedure.

1. Check the tags:

The most straightforward approach for cleaning your knee pads is to put them in the washing machine, as you might expect. However, check the information first to be sure that your knee pads can be machine-washed. You can usually find this information on the tags or the manufacturer’s website.

2. Place the volleyball knee pads in a mesh laundry bag:

Your volleyball knee pads will be kept secure and free from tangling with other laundry items with the aid of the bag. Verify that the bag is closed and that the velcro or snaps on the pads are fastened.


If you don’t have a laundry bag, you might use an extra pillowcase as a temporary container to keep the knee pads safe.

volleyball knee pads in a mesh laundry bag
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3. Wash them with a small load of laundry:

It would be best if you avoid a heavy load of laundry containing your volleyball knee pads since they may collide with or harm the washing machine. Instead, fill the washing machine with a modest load of T-shirts or other clothing until it is about halfway full.


If you use your knee pads for sports, wash them with your uniform or practice clothing to keep all the components together.


Never put your delicate clothing in the washing machine with volleyball knee pads.

4. Add a small amount of mild laundry detergent to the washing machine:

Make use of a detergent made especially for cleaning synthetic fabrics. You should add enough detergent for a half-load of laundry to the machine.


If your knee pads have a pungent stench, you can add a capful of white vinegar to the machine to eliminate the smell, but make sure the detergent doesn’t contain chlorine, which will fade the color from some knee pads.

5. Select the "cold water" and "gentle" settings:

When it’s time to start the washer, select cold water and ensure the gentle cycle is selected.


The gentle cycle will save the pads from harm, and the cold water will assist in eliminating odors and perspiration bacteria. For the most satisfactory cleaning of your volleyball knee pads, look for these settings on the washing machine’s display.


Try looking for the “delicate” option on the panel if you can’t find the “gentle” cycle.

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6. Remove the pads from the washer and hang them to dry:

Take the pads out of the mesh bag after the cycle is finished, and hang them up to dry for at least six hours. Allowing them to dry in the sun will assist in destroying any bacteria that may still be present in the pads.


As an alternative, you might lay them out flat to dry. Make sure to flip the pads over once they’ve dried on one side if you’re laying them out to dry.


It would be best not to dry the pads in the dryer, as this could cause the fabric to shrink or warp and make the pads uncomfortable.

vollyball knee pads
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The best method for drying pads is to let them air dry because using a dryer runs the danger of the fabric shrinking. Although placing your pads in the sun will slow the drying process, it can still take up to 12 hours for your pads to dry completely.


I don’t criticize anyone for not washing their safety gear every day since that’s not always possible when you’re on your high horse. But with so many simple solutions and helpful hints, you must consider it. If you continue to be unconcerned about your teammate’s well-being and startle them, they will eventually suffer. After this attitude, you shouldn’t complain that your teammates are making you feel embarrassed by bringing up the smell issue.


We all need to survive, and the foul smell can occasionally be fatal. The smell might not bother the user as they become accustomed to it, but your teammates haven’t yet built up a resistance. Therefore, maintain your kneepads fresh by following the above guide.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What temperature should I use in the washing machine to wash my knee pads?​

A: The best temperature to use while washing knee pads in a washing machine is usually around 40°C. The pads would be cleaned effectively at this temperature without harming the fabric. While washing your pads, it’s also crucial to use a gentle detergent, as this will assist the fabric from any potential harm.

Q: How can kneepad odor be removed?​

A: The drying process is more crucial than the washing process if knee pad odor is a concern. You can avoid an unpleasant smell by spraying vinegar on your knee pads and allowing them to dry completely.

Q: Can I wash my knee pads in the washing machine with bleach?​

A: Contrary to popular belief, you can use bleach on any fabric color, but most people think it only works on white ones. However, you can use bleach in the washing machine to clean white knee pads if you want to keep them looking brand new. Wash on the lowest setting and add a cup of bleach to your regular laundry detergent.

Q: What should I do if my knee pads get stained in the washing machine?​

A: Try the following solution if your knee pads become stained in the washing machine:

  • Before washing the knee pads, pre-treat them with a stain remover.
  • Use a mild detergent and run a cycle just for the knee pads.

If the stains are tough to remove, soak the knee pads overnight in a solution of water and detergent. Then wash as usual.

Q: Can I wash my knee pads in the washing machine using fabric softener?​

A: You can wash your knee pads in the washing machine with a fabric softener.  To determine if the fabric softener is suitable for your volleyball knee pads, you should examine the care label first. Then, to further prevent any potential stains, you could choose to wash your knee pads separately from the other things in your load.