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How to wash workout shoes in the washing machine?

Can you wash your workout shoes in the washer? Yes! You can easily wash workout shoes in the washing machine. Many people are unaware of the variety of workout shoes they can wash in the washing machine. Washing shoes in the washer will help you to save time and money.

how to wash workout shoes
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In a washing machine, it’s reliable to wash workout shoes made of fabrics like canvas, nylon, cotton, and polyester. In addition, laundry detergent wouldn’t harm these materials as they are strong.


Workout shoes do get dirty, but if you take good care of your workout shoes, they will last a very long time. This article will teach you everything you need to know about washing workout shoes.

Is it safe to put workout shoes in the washing machine?

Your workout shoe’s material will ultimately determine whether or not you should wash them in the washing machine.


In the washing machine, you can wash workout shoes frequently composed of fabrics like cotton, nylon, and polyester because they can endure a machine wash.


Remember that you might still be able to machine wash your shoes on the “hand wash” setting even if the care label for the footwear says “hand wash only.” Just take it slowly.

Steps to wash workout shoes in the washing machine:

Workout shoes are not just for comfort but also to lower the chance of injury. You can wash your shoes in the washing machine to freshen them if they get soiled or nasty. Shoes made of canvas or leather can be washed on a gentle cycle and dried by air.

workout shoes
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While washing your workout shoes, ensure to follow the following simple steps:

1. Clean your washing machine:

First, your washing machine should be clean. There shouldn’t be any debris or odor in the washer. For this purpose, you should use True Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets.


True Fresh washing machine cleaner is specifically designed to clean the inner and vital parts of your washing machine. True Fresh cleaner provides the best defense against dirt and other particles that make your machine dirty.

2. Check the labels:

Check the care label on your workout shoes to see if you can wash them, but as a general rule, avoid machine washing any footwear made of delicate material like suede.


These materials are readily damaged by water. Therefore it’s better to use cleaning tools made specifically for these textiles. Alternatively, you might have your shoes cleaned by a pro.


But if your workout shoes are machine washable, then continue to read this article.

3. Take out the insoles before washing the shoes:

Likely, the insides of your workout shoes don’t smell good, so remove the insoles and store them in a box with baking soda. Take out the insoles the night before you intend to wash your shoes so they can soak overnight.

4. Clean up any extra dirt:

Use an old rag to clean the grime off your workout shoes before putting them in the washer, especially if they are pretty dirty. It will lessen the likelihood of unpleasant dirt and grass building up in your washer. If the dirt is particularly caked on, rub the shoes against one another outside.

5. Take off your shoelaces and put them in the mesh bag:

You should always take off your shoelaces before washing them since dirt loves to collect around the eyelets. By doing this, you can clean workout shoes more efficiently throughout the wash cycle.

take off your shoelaces
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Place the shoelaces in a mesh bag to prevent them from becoming tangled. After that, you can wash this mesh bag in the washing machine. You may find these mesh bags in the laundry section of a home goods store because they are frequently used for washing women’s delicates.

6. Use a stain remover to pretreat tough stains:

Pretreat your workout shoes with a laundry chemical if they have any grimy areas. Then, before you put the shoes in the washer, spritz the stain with the solution.

7. Add workout shoes and towels to the washer:

Fill the washer with old towels that you don’t mind being exposed to your dirty shoes. It will provide your shoes extra support while being washed. In addition, your workout shoes will find this to be a softer setting.


The amount of clunking you hear throughout the wash cycle will also decrease.

8. Add liquid detergent:

For your workout shoes, use the usual amount of detergent that you use for any load. However, you must always use liquid detergent. It is because your shoes’ interiors can become covered in powdered detergent.


Your shoes won’t become much cleaner by using more detergent than necessary. Instead, your shoes will only become stiff from the soap residue left behind.

9. Select cold water and the gentle cycle:

Your workout shoes will be less bashed around because the gentle cycle won’t spin them around as much. To avoid shoe shrinkage, wash your workout shoes in cold water rather than hot.

wash your workout shoes in cold water
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10. Take the laces and shoes out of the washing machine and let them air dry:

Remove your workout shoes and laces as soon as the wash cycle is finished to prevent damage.


Never put your workout shoes in the dryer since the heat may cause the glue holding them together to separate or cause the shoes to deform. Alternatively, let your shoes and shoelaces air dry outside in a room with plenty of airflows.

  • It would be best to leave your workout shoes outside to dry overnight.
  • To speed up the drying process, place your workout shoes in front of a fan, air vent, or dehumidifier for a few hours.
  • Avoid exposing workout shoes to direct sunlight because doing so could shrink and lose their proper fit.
wash workout shoes
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11. To maintain their shape, stuff newspaper into the shoes:

Roll up some newspaper and tuck it inside your workout shoes if you’re worried about losing their form. The newspaper will also absorb moisture, accelerating the rate at which your shoes will dry.

12. Clean and re-insert your insoles, and re-lace your shoes:

When your workout shoes have been washed and dried, remove the insoles from the baking soda solution. Shake them off, and use a soft-bristled brush to remove any residual baking soda.


Re-insert the shoelaces and insoles once the shoes have dried completely. Then, with freshly washed shoes, you’ll be ready to go!


For washing workout shoes in the washing machine; just toss them in with a laundry detergent and a low-temperature setting. Implementing this quick and straightforward approach won’t take much of your time! Just be sure to read the care instructions for your workout shoes.


To sum up, washing your dirty workout shoes in the washing machine is straightforward. It is easy to clean workout shoes in the washing machine – but only if done right.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How do you get the smell out of shoes?

A: Baking soda is the most fantastic solution to eliminate workout shoe odor. Typically, the insole is to blame for bad odors. Placing a coating of baking soda powder within the insole might help to get rid of the odor. If it is insufficient, you can choose to take the insoles out and get new ones.

Q: Does washing workout shoes damage the washer?

A: A common misconception is that washing workout shoes in the washer would harm the washer. Shoes can only damage a machine’s drum if you don’t bag them up or add padding to prevent them from bouncing around. But your shoes are more likely to get damaged by the washer than the other way around!

Q: Does the cleaning of my workout shoes depend on the type of washer?

A: Generally speaking, front loaders clean your clothing more gently than top loaders. The temperature and spin control are also superior. Although both types of washers can be used to wash shoes, front loaders are preferred.

Q: Do shoes shrink in the washing machine?

A: They could shrink if you wash shoes in the washing machine with hot water. Always adhere to the care guidelines while cleaning your shoes. To avoid shrinkage and damage, you should wash your shoes on a cold, moderate cycle.


After washing, you should air dry them overnight. Your shoes may shrink and sustain damage if you dry them at a high temperature.

Q: Is it okay to dry workout shoes in the dryer?

A: If you’re tempted to dry your workout shoes faster by putting them in the dryer, resist the urge! Dryers can melt the adhesive on your shoes or warp some of the textiles, causing them to melt or break apart. So instead, put a few newspaper balls to soak up the moisture, and place them in front of a fan.

Q: My insoles are glued down. Do I still need to remove them?

A: No, if your insoles are bonded, you shouldn’t attempt to remove them.

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