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How to do laundry in a dorm in 13 simple steps

If you’re like most college students, laundry is one of the most annoying things you have to deal with daily. You don’t want to spend your whole time doing laundry when there are so many other things you can do.

You can easily wash your clothes in your dorm. But few people think about how they handle the laundry in the dorm. So, if you want to know the correct procedure for doing laundry in the dorm, stick to this article.

You can create a more effective and faster laundry process by following simple steps. Below we’ll talk about those simple and fantastic steps for your laundry in a dorm.

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Steps to do laundry in a dorm:

Laundry can be one of the most challenging things in a dorm room. That’s why finding ways to clean your clothes quickly and efficiently is necessary. If you’re not already aware, there are many simple steps to wash your clothes in the dorm room.

Therefore, in this article, we will describe 13 different steps to help you to do laundry in the dorm more comfortably.

The following steps will help you save time, money, and energy for laundry in your dorm.

1. Get a laundry bag or basket:

You will want to avoid carrying any dirty clothes in your arms to the laundry room. So, choosing a bag or basket with handles or straps would be best to carry your laundry easily. If you have many clothes, get something large enough to accommodate all your laundry.

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2. Check the labels:

Before doing laundry, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s labels. They’ll let you know if anything can be machine-washed or not. In addition, the labels will help you to keep your garments looking new for a long time and prevent accidents like fading or shrinking.

3. Sort the laundry:

Before laundry, sorting laundry items is very important. First, you should separate the light-colored clothing from your dark-colored clothing. Next, make a separate pile for white-colored clothes, one with all of your dark clothes, and one for light colors like gray and beige.

By doing this, color from one piece of clothing will not transfer to the other. Next, place all your dirty towels, clothes, and bedding in your laundry bag.

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4. Bring cash for the washing machines:

Put some quarters in a tiny baggie or your pocket if the machines at your school/college accept them. You can also bring cash if there is a coin machine. If unsure, bring your debit card or student ID with you. Some laundry machines accept these forms of payment.

5. Look for an open-washing machine:

Please avoid using any machines that are on or that have someone else’s clothing inside of them. Instead, wait till a vacant machine becomes available.

If you have multiple loads to complete, look for available machines close to one another. In this way, you can do several loads at once.

6. Load the washing machine:

 Place the laundry in your washing machine. Never overfill it; otherwise, your clothes won’t be washed properly. Wash white and dark clothes separately. Never wash bedding and towels in the same load.

7. Add laundry detergent to the machine:

Before laundry, pretreat any stains on your clothing to prevent them from setting. Next, apply some washing detergent or stain remover and rub it in.

Next, select an all-purpose laundry detergent with the aroma that you like. Then, according to the size of the load, find out how much detergent you should use.

8. Select the setting:

Select the water temperature setting using the dial or button on the washing machine. If you want to prevent shrinkage or fading in your clothing, use cold water.

You can use hot water for your towels or bedding. Although hot water can clean laundry more effectively than cold water, it damages the clothes. After making payment, press the start button to begin the washing cycle.

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9. Set the time and keep track of it:

To determine when your washing cycle will be finished, set a timer. That way, you’ll be notified as soon as your washer cycle is finished. If you don’t have a timer, look at the clock and determine when to return to change your laundry.

Some laundry rooms even have an app to notify you when a cycle is finished.

10. Remove the laundry from the washer:

As soon as the cycle is finished, remove the laundry from your washing machine. It will help to reduce wrinkles and also prevent mildew and odor build-up.

11. Drying Your Laundry:

Look for an open and clean dryer. If the laundry room is busy and you cannot find an empty dryer, remove your laundry from the washer and place it on a folding table until a dryer becomes available.

Before starting the dryer, remove the lint trap to clean it. The lint trap is located at the bottom of the dryer’s opening:

  • Grab the lint trap’s edge and raise it out of the dryer by its edge.
  • Using your fingertips, remove any lint from the lint trap’s mesh section and throw it away.
  • Place the dryer’s lint trap back inside.

Set the dryer heat to medium. Many industrial dryers operate at a high temperature, and if you set it too high, you risk ruining your garments. Also, before turning on the dryer, double-check that everything is inside. Heat and time are lost each time the door is opened and closed.

Finally, press the start button to dry your clothing after making payment.

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12. Remove laundry from the dryer and fold it:

Fold the clothing as you remove them from the dryer. If the laundry room is not much busy, you can fold them as you remove them from the dryer. Otherwise, move all your clothing onto a folding table and fold it there. By doing this, fewer wrinkles will appear on your clothing.


Many things change during college, including possibly having sole responsibility for your clothes for the first time. As we all know, laundry is a very tedious task. It is a lot of work and requires patience, but if you stick with it, you can achieve the desired result.

There is no need to spend hours and hours doing laundry in a dorm. Instead, follow the tips in this article and learn how to do laundry in a dorm in 13 easy steps. This guide will show you how to do laundry in a dorm in a way that saves time and money. The steps are straightforward.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What is the best time to do laundry?​

A: Try to wash your clothes during less busy hours. Laundry during rush hour will be challenging and stressful. Make everything more straightforward and effective by carefully selecting the best times to do your laundry.

Q: What is the best temperature for the dryer?

A: It depends on the type of fabric. Some can be dried on “delicates,” cycle others on the “permanent press” or “normal.” Average temperatures vary from 125° F to 135° F.

Q: How can I remove blood stains from my clothes?​

A: You can use stain remover or hydrogen peroxide to remove blood from your clothes.