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Top Load Washing Machine Cleaning – Easy Hacks, Expert Tips, and Much More!

We all are guilty of taking extra preventive care of all machines and electronic gadgets, except for washing machines. Even the kitchen ovens get a regular spa treatment but the washing machines are left to clean after themselves, year after year.


It’s an honest mistake – we assume top-load washing machines don’t require extra cleaning because they come in contact with water and detergents on a daily basis. That should clean it up, right? The truth is quite the opposite. Regular contact with water and detergent leaves behind residue which turns into a pile of hard residue that not only stinks but also has serious performance issues.


Now you know why your top-load washing machine smells like sewage and why it takes an awfully long time to wash your laundry even on a quick cycle or delicate.

Pro Tip

If your top-load washing machine is not performing well – takes too long to wash clothes, requires additional wash cycles or your top-load washing machine is not getting the clothes clean, then it’s time to deep clean it. The easiest, safest, and quickest way to restore the performance and also deep clean a top-load washing machine is to use a good top-load washing machine cleaner.

6 Hacks to Clean a Top-Load Washing Machine

You may think it is a tedious task and will take hours out of your day but top-load washing machine cleaning is pretty simple. It gets easier to clean top-load washing machine when you do it regularly.


Here are some easy-to-follow hacks to clean a top-load washing machine.

1. Brush the Insides of the Top Load Washing Machine

Mix a quarter cup of vinegar in a quart of hot water. Now take a brush or sponge and clean the inside of the washing machine with this mixture. Check for deposits of detergent, bleach, and fabric softener behind seals, small cracks, and pull-out dispensers. 

2. Load the Top Load Washing Machine with Hot Water

Load the washing machine with hot water. Add some vinegar to the hot water to deodorize the insides. Run the washing machine on a quick cycle or delicate – add some baking soda to the second cycle. This will loosen any accumulated deposits. Wipe the insides of the washing machine with a clean cloth when the cycle completes.

Top Load washing machine with hot water

3. Leave Some Bleach in the Water

Leaving bleach in the water for a while does amazing cleaning and decluttering of residue which makes it easy to wash away all the buildups in one water cycle. Pour half a cup of bleach into the dispenser tray and fill the washer with hot water. Run it for a minute, and then pause the cycle for about 1 hour – letting the bleach do its job. After an hour, resume the paused cycle. Once the cycle completes, wipe the insides of the machine to make sure all traces of bleach are removed.

Pro Tip

You can makeshift a cleaning agent using vinegar and baking soda. Fill your washing machine with hot water and add a cup of vinegar. Run it for a cycle. Then add a cup of baking soda and run it again for a cycle. After draining this water, run your washer on a clean water cycle.

4. Wipe the Rubber Seals Regularly 4. Wipe the Rubber Seals Regularly

The water splashes on the top parts of the washing machine, including the rubber seals. These rubber seals trap dirt, dust, and detergents creating a nasty buildup. Take a clean cloth and run it over the rubber seal to make sure it is clean and dry after every wash.

women putting clothes in washing machine

5. Clean the Lint Traps and Filter

If your washing machine has a lint trap, it should be cleaned regularly as it blocks quickly over time. Simply emptying the contents of the trap is not enough. Make sure you are cleaning the holes in the trap too by following the user manual from the manufacturer.

6. Allow the Washing Machine to Have Good Ventilation

Leave the washing machine lid open for a few hours after use to let it air dry. This is one of the easiest and most effective hacks to kill your top-load washing machine odor and keep it smelling fresh. 

Whirlpool washing machine

Quick recap on keeping your top-load washing machines clean:

For all the lazy readers who want to skim-read the hacks, here is a quick recap of our 6 most effective hacks to clean top-load washing machines:

  • Clean the insides of your washing machine with a brush.
  • Start your machine on a hot water cycle with vinegar and baking soda.
  • Soak the tub in bleach for 20-30 mins.
  • Wipe the rubber seal inside your washing machine with a clean cloth.
  • Deep clean the lint filter and traps after every 3 laundry cycles.
  • Keep the lid of your washing machine open for air drying.

Cleaning a top-load washing machine is not just a question of hygiene. It also cuts down on extra expenses – frequent break-downs that require external assistance, poor performance that require more detergent, and faulty washes that ruin your clothes.

Save your time and money for your family and friends. For your top-load washing machine – use True-Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: Are top-load washing machine agitators hard on clothes?

No. They just improve the motion in the wash basket for a better washing experience.

Q: Why does my top-load washing machine smell like rotten eggs?

The detergent residue, dirt, and dust trapped in rubber seals and small areas of the washing machine turn into a pile of stinky residue that smells like rotten eggs or sewage.

Q: How to clean top-load washing machine?

The most effective way to clean top-load washing machine is to use a top-load washing machine cleaner – it not only cleans but also restores the machine’s performance to new. 

Q: What is the best concoction for top-load washing machine cleaning?

Vinegar, baking soda, and hot water is the best homemade cleaning solution that cleans and sanitizes the washing machine.