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The Expert’s Secret on How to Wash a Wool Blanket in Washing Machine Without Shrinking It

Imagine watching your favorite movie late at night, holding a hot cup of chocolate milk, snuggled in your favorite wool blanket. The lights are dim, the warmth is just perfect, and your movie is coming to an end. You are just about to take that last golden sip of your chocolate milk and swoosh! You spill it all over.

Has it ever happened to you? A small incident causes so many different emotions all at once – you miss the ending of your movie, your chocolate milk is gone, and the saddest part of all, your favorite wool blanket is dirty.

We cannot bring back your chocolate milk but we can certainly help you get back your favorite blanket as good as new because we have the expert’s secret on how to wash a wool blanket in a washing machine without shrinking it.

So if you got your blanket dirty and wondering how to wash a wool blanket at home, we got your back, buddy.

Things You Need To Wash Your Wool Blanket at Home

  • Very soft-bristled brush
  • Fabric comb or electric pill/lint remover
  • Stain remover
  • Liquid detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • A few towels
  • Drying rack or a clothesline
girl with wool blanket

How to Wash a Wool Blanket in Washing Machine

It’s easy to simply toss your blanket in the washing machine and you will get it out clean but if you want to get a clean blanket that looks and feels as good as new, then there are a few additional steps to follow before washing it. Let’s just call it prepping the wool blanket before washing it for 100% results.

Step 1: Give it a good shake

Start by giving it a good shake to remove most of its dust or any particles of dirt that may be stuck in the small nooks and crannies of the blanket. One easy way of doing this is – to take your blanket outside, put it on a clothes rack, and shake it off. You can use a rod or a stick but make sure you are not hitting too hard.

Step 2: Remove stubborn dirt and lint/pill

Take your soft-bristled brush and move it all over your blanket in gentle strokes. Make sure you are going in the same direction. This will get all stubborn dirt out from the blanket even if it is stuck in the fibers. If your blanket has lint/pill, use your fabric comb or an electric lint/pill remover. Your blanket will already start looking fresh at this stage.

stubborn dirt and lint pill

Step 3: Work on any stubborn stains

If your blanket has any stubborn stains that won’t go away easily with washing, it’s better to spend some time working on it rather than getting a stained blanket even after washing. Take a fabric stain remover and dampen the areas of stains. Take a white towel and gently dab on the stain until all the stains are out.

Step 4: Toss in the washing machine

Now before tossing your blanket in the washing machine, make sure that your label allows machine washing. If the label says dry-cleaning only, read How to wash weighted blankets – A Complete Guide which explains how to wash wool blankets at home without a washer. If the label allows washing, you are good to go ahead. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Clean your washing machine 
  • Place your blanket in the washing machine
  • Add a moderate amount of mild detergent
  • Use normal water to avoid shrinking.
  • Allow the blanket to soak for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Set the wash cycle to delicate.
  • Disable spin cycle – your cycle should stop at rinse.
Cute girl with wool blanket

Step 5: Let it dry

When your blanket is rinsed, take it out from the washing machine and lay it flat over a layer of towels. Roll the towels along with the blanket. It might feel like you are making one giant burrito. Make sure you don’t stretch or twist your blanket from anywhere. This additional step is a professional trick for keeping the blanket in its original shape and size.

After 10 minutes, remove the blanket from the towel roll, and put it on a clothesline outside your home for sun drying. Experts always recommend sun drying whenever they are asked about how to wash a wool blanket without shrinking it. For best results, place your blanket over 2 or 3 lines to give it more breathing space.

If sun drying is not an option, you can put it over a clothes rack at home or put a few chairs to make a square exactly how you’d make a bed sheet fort for kids.

And that’s it. Snuggle back in your favorite wool blanket and put back that movie you were watching. Be brave and grab that cup of chocolate milk again. If you need any further help, reach out to us. We are tremendously friendly people and we love to help.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: Can you wash a wool blanket in a washing machine?

Yes, if the label on your wool blanket allows washing in the machine.

Q: What can you substitute for a stain remover?

You can use a concoction of one part vinegar and two parts of water.

Q: How can you dry a wool blanket inside the house?

You can put it over a clothes rack or put a few chairs together to makeshift a clothes rack.

Q: How to wash a wool blanket in a washer?

Pretreat your blanket for any dust, dirt, or stains. Put it in the washing machine, set the cycle to delicate, and use a mild detergent. Your water temperature must be normal. Remove your blanket after rinsing and allow it to dry on a clothesline or a clothes rack.