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How to wash viscose without shrinking – An absolute guide to wash your viscose fabric

Every viscose fabric lover is keen to know about the way of washing viscose clothing without shrinking. Because viscose clothes are flimsy, elegant, and enchanting. In this blog, you will know a brief introduction to viscose, why it shrinks, and ways to clean your viscose garment without shrinking.

wash viscose without shrinking
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What is viscose fabric?

Viscose fabric is a semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric composed of wood pulp. It has been used as an alternative to natural silk. Because it has the same smooth texture as silk fabric. It has been used in viscose clothes, viscose, blouses, jackets, and dresses since the 1800s.

viscose fabric
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Why do viscose garments shrink?

Viscose fabric is prone to shrinking when washed in high-temperature water or dried at a higher temperature. Increased agitation and washing them aggressively may also result in shrinking viscose garments. They may also shrink if not washed and dry-cleaned properly. Wringing and squeezing the viscose can make the viscose garment at more risk of shrinking.

why do viscose garments shrink
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Pre-treat viscose before washing

It is better to pre-treat your viscose if it has any stains, before washing it in any way. It will remove all stains and ease the washing process. You can use stain remover solutions for this purpose. You should avoid rubbing the stained area too much as it may damage that area. And it may look worn. You can remove most of the stains using oxygen bleach white vinegar solution-based stain removers. After treating with the cleaning agent, clean the stained area with a damped cloth.

pre treat viscose before washing
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Ways of washing viscose clothing

There are mainly three ways to wash viscose clothes but all of them are not guaranteed to prevent the viscose clothes from shrinking. The main three ways are

● Machine washing viscose

● Hand washing viscose

● Dry cleaning viscose

Machine washing viscose without shrinking

Viscose fabric will shrink in a typical setting

Washing your viscose garments in the washing machine may cause them to shrink if they are not placed properly. Viscose clothes will easily shrink in the washing machine if you wash them with a typical setting or too hot water. Normally you should avoid using a washing machine for washing viscose fabrics but if you still have the heart to wash viscose clothes in the washing machine then read the next section.

machine washing viscose

Washing viscose without shrinking

There is a correct way of washing your viscose clothes in the machine. We will talk about that in this section. You can use the following steps to avoid shrinking while washing your viscose dress. These steps are mentioned below

  • Check the viscose washing care label before putting them in the machine. If the label says that you can wash your viscose clothes in the washing machine, then wash them in the machine.
  • You should pull your clothes inside out before putting them into the washing machine.
  • You can also put your viscose clothes in the mesh bag, before putting them in the washing machine, for more protection.
  • Set your machine to the delicate cycle.
  • Make sure that cold water is being used in the machine for washing clothes.
  • Add the delicate detergent for better results.
  • After washing the viscose clothes let them air-dry.
washing viscose without shrinking
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Washing viscose by hand

Viscose can be prevented from shrinking by washing hands. Gently washing the viscose clothes by hand doesn’t damage their fibers and reduces the chances of shrinking. In this section, we will be discussing all the steps for washing viscose clothes by hand.

1. Take a tub or use a sink

The first thing you have to do is find a clean tub or any container. If you cannot find any tub or water container, then you can use your sink, basin, and even your bathtub. Clog your sink, basin, or bathtub using their plastic lids.

2. Fill the tub or sink with water

Now you have to fill the water tub or clogged water sink with cold water. Cold water is necessary for washing your viscose clothes. Because it prevents them from damaging and shrinking. Boiling or too hot water is a nightmare for your viscose top, jacket, or dress. Lukewarm water or cold water is good for your viscose clothes. It will not only prevent your delicate viscose clothing from damaging but also increase its life.

sink with water
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3. Put detergent in the tub

Don’t use a normal laundry detergent for washing your viscose items. Because its enzymes may damage the fibers of this type of rayon. You have to use a mild detergent. Or you can use mild soap or even baby shampoo. Put any of these in the tub and make a soapy mixture.

laundry detergent
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4. Soak the viscose garments

Empty your viscose jacket, top, or any item, and soak it in the soapy mixture you made before. Viscose clothing must be soaked for 30 minutes.

5. Gently swish viscose clothes

For effective cleaning, you can also gently swish the viscose clothes in the tub or sink. You should avoid stabbing them with anything.

6. Rinse the viscose clothes

Drain the soapy water from the tub or unclog the sink to remove the soapy water. Then add more cold water to the tub or sink. Rinse your viscose garments in cold water and remove the detergent from the clothes.

rinse the viscose clothes

7. Remove excess water

After rinsing your viscose clothes, remove the excess water from your garments by gently squeezing them. Don’t squeeze them tightly. Only a gentle squeeze is enough to remove the excess water from your viscose items.

remove excess water
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8. Roll the viscose

For removing the water more effectively, you can use a thick cotton towel. Place your wet viscose garments on the thick cotton towel and roll them up. The towel is an excellent absorbent and it will remove the water if left after squeezing.

roll the viscose
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9. Air-dry the clothes

Now you can air-dry the viscose garments flat or you can hang them using padded hangers to drip-dry. For viscose clothes, air-dry is a better option than any other drying process. You should prefer air drying over machine drying.

air dry the clothes
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10. Reshape the garments

After you have washed the viscose clothes, they begin to dry. Then gently pull and re-shape to its original place as it was in the shape before washing. If you remove it in the condition it is, it will likely get wrinkles. And those wrinkles can be very difficult to remove.

reshape the garments
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Dry Cleaning viscose clothes

One more way to wash your viscose clothes is dry cleaning. You can dry clean your viscose clothes either by taking them to the dry cleaners or by doing dry cleaning at home. If you have a tumble dryer at your home you can easily dry clean your viscose clothes.

wash your viscose clothes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can viscose withstand dry-clean only?

A: There are different types of viscose. Some types of viscose can withstand dry-clean. For instance, viscose clothing with interfacing or lining is dry-cleaning specific. You should check the care label. If it says, only dry-clean. Then stick to dry-clean.

Q: Can you machine wash viscose fabric?

A: You should avoid washing the viscose garments in the machine. Because it makes them more prone to shrinking.

Q: What is the best way for washing viscose without shrinking?

A: The best way for washing viscose without shrinking is by washing it by hand or dry cleaning it.